MSPA Client Spotlight: Martin Howe / Teq4

MSPA Client Spotlight: Martin Howe / Teq4

Martin Howe is a creative ‘techie’ with a working world that imaginative young boys that love ‘building stuff’, merely dream about.

He has over 30 years’ experience in designing and building technology-centric attractions for theme parks, science centers, and museums. Formerly Chief Executive of Global Immersion until 2012, Martin has worked alongside many highly innovative and respected companies, including Electrosonic, Barco, and specialist flight simulation company SEOS.Teq4_logo_grey_back copy

Martin now has his own company TEQ4 who design and build unique immersive attractions and interactive experiences for museums, science centers and theme parks around the world.

”Museums are storytellers. As every curator knows, every object tells multiple stories. But how do you get from the object to the stories?” – Dr. Robert Pickering, Gilcrease Museum

Martin’s most recent project is an interactive discovery trail for Kravis Discovery Center, part of the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

”When the museum director first took us around the collection we were amazed by the stories behind it. That was our inspiration for the project – we wanted to make sure every one of their visitors had that same personal experience. With our new Chaperone™ technology, we gave people a way to learn about the objects and the stories, and explore the center for themselves” – Martin Howe – Teq4 Watch the Kravis Discovery Centre Promo 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 Tulsa, OK. KDC Kravis Discovery Center test Photos by Erik Campos

KDC Interactive Discovery Trail. Credit – Erik Campos

KDC Interactive Discovery Trail. Credit – Erik Campos







Working With My Special PA

Martin Howe has a team support solution and works with both Angela Brightwell (Copy & Communications) and Nicola Pedlingham (Just Too Busy VA Service)

He says – ”Being a hands-on owner-manager I was looking to free up more of my time to spend with clients and developing new business. I didn’t need full-time support but I needed someone local that I could work with face-to-face.
Nicola and Angela are great. They’re really independent, experienced and productive. We meet for an hour or so a few times per month to review assignments and plan for the next few weeks. They always respond quickly to emails and have never missed a deadline.
Until Angela started we hadn’t really done any proactive marketing, but we were ready to step up our profile and we knew that we had some exciting stories to share about current projects. Angela has made a significant improvement to our visibility. In fact, someone emailed me last week and mentioned that he was amazed at just how much coverage we are getting now.”

Nicola is extremely versatile, and I’m increasingly handing-off a wide variety of work that previously I thought that only I could do. She’s already making a significant difference to my capacity and I’m confident that any work she takes on will be done thoroughly and diligently.”

MSPA is delighted to be working with Martin and it’s a great pleasure to read his positive feedback on the value Angela and Nicola have brought to his professional world. We all look forward to seeing his exciting upcoming projects, as they are unveiled.

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