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MSPA Client Spotlight: Creative Agency – Jones & Bone

Creative Agency Jones & Bone find themselves under the MSPA client spotlight

My Special PA is delighted to be working with London-based creative boutique – Jones & Bone. J&B specialise in branding, digital design and content creation and is founded and run by creative partnership Sarah Norford-Jones and Keith Nigel Bone.

Turning the spotlight round onto creative agencies’ that are usually focussed on building the look, feel and positioning of other brands is fascinating. We took the time to do exactly this with J&B, with our client spotlight Q&A:

MSPA – Describe your business in 3 words

J&B –  honest, considered, expressive

MSPA – The agency has seen a really successful launch period (16 months), What key reasons would you attribute to this?

J&B – A lot of hard work!! Listening to the client and working very closely with them. We like to be seen as an extension of the client team instead of the service provider. We don’t take on too many clients at a time, to make sure we can give them the attention that they need.

MSPA –  What do you love about running your own business?

J&B – Quite simply –  doing the work we really love. The flexibility and creating our own company culture. Every day we learn something new! and…working with your partner!

copywriting for creative agency

Cheyiz – online retailer – ©Jones & Bone

MSPA –  What do you dislike about running your own business?

J&B – Never being able to switch off! Both of us are very visually stimulated and are constantly coming up with new ideas or ways we can improve the business, being in a couple means that these ideas and discussions happen at all times of the day, weekend and even holidays – it would be nice to go on a holiday and switch off for a bit!

MSPA –  Please describe how My Special PA is supporting your business and what impact this has made?

J&B – My Special PA is helping with both admin support and copywriting.  Jessica Martin helps us get more organised with our business admin, allowing us to focus on the creative side of things.

Jay Curtis has been supporting us on our Jones & Bone content writing and social posting, as well as other copy briefs for clients, which was much needed – whilst we have a lot of skills, neither of us is a copywriter! They have both given us the support our company needed – and the benefits and flexibility of working with both of them virtually.

copy writing for creative agency

Baliboosta – Food & Lifestyle brand – ©Jones & Bone

What is your vision for the agency in 5 years time?

J&B – Being a creative boutique, we want to stay a quite small and a tightly-knit team  – we would like to grow to about 10 people. We would also like to expand our client base, especially in the content and storytelling areas. We love working with brands to establish their conversation with their customers and then continuing that story through branded relevant content for print, digital and social.

At some point, we both would like to branch out and have Jones & Bone ventures… We are both constantly having ideas – for Apps, games, books and products.

Copy writing for creative agency

Helmer – Accessory brand – ©Jones & Bone

MSPA – Finally – if each of you was a car, what car would you be and why?

J&B – Keith – Pagani Zonda – Because it’s at the forefront of automotive, style and technology.

Sarah – Aston Martin DB5 Convertible – It is a classic, English car. Ever since it became famous in James Bond I have loved it!

See client work portfolio by Jones & Bone here

And if you’d like to find out more about how My Special PA can support your creative agency – please visit Our Services page 

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