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project coordination at My Special PA

How To: Successful Creative Project Coordination

Key Skills: Nicola Pedlingham - Creative Project Coordination Specialist At MSPA, the most vital requirement of any team member is a core understanding of creative temperaments. Whilst we have always rejected the stereotyping of creatives as 'scatty and disorganised' - (it's actually a myth) creatives can definitely have a propensity to the ‘unpredictable'   We...

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creative businesses always need a pit crew

Creative Business: building your ‘pit-crew’

Creative Business: building your 'pit-crew' Creative professionals and companies will always need a 'go-to pit crew'. At MSPA, we’ve made it our business to build a network of trusted associates we can confidently recommend to our clients and prospective clients. I’m talking about brand designers, web developers, SEO consultants, printers, manufacturers, photographers, business coaches and other professional services. I’ve recently made...

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Private Dining - Baked Salt Style

4 ways MSPA helped ‘serve up’ private dining brand ‘Baked Salt’

A Client Case Study by Emma de Polnay I met chef Janie Fraser back in 2012 at a fantastic Wellness retreat weekend in North Devon. Pilates in a sun filled studio, nordic walking, nutritious cookery classes and homemade cake in the heavenly setting of a beautifully restored old mill. Janie and I...

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4 ‘TO DO’ tips from My Special PA

4 'TO DO' tips from My Special PA These days I am increasingly reliant on to-do lists as I support multiple clients.  I often do work for more than one client on any given day, so the lists ensure that I know what I need to do and by when. However, the...

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My Special PA – 3 Years In Business and going strong

My Special PA - 3 Years In Business and going strong   Here's hoping you had a lovely Jubilee weekend. I couldn't resist the cupcake picture - No more Union Jacks though I promise. I trust you haven't found yourself too disorientated by landing right in the middle of your working week...

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New Service #1 – Workspace Spring Clean

Happy 30th January! I don't know about you but I'm really pleased to see the back end of January. There may still be snow on the way, but I feel we can allow ourselves to look forward to Spring as February begins. Snowdrops and crocuses randomly poking through on urban lawns...

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w/c 21.11.11 – My week – The Highlights by Emma de Polnay

It's been a long but highly enjoyable week 22.11.11 - Tuesday - GET A LOOK IN - I had a call from production designer, Lisa Marie Hall asking me to be a guest speaker at her upcoming 'Get a Look In' workshop. I am really honoured! Lisa wants me to speak...

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Wunderlist - perfect TO DO business tool used by My Special PA

Wunderlist – Enables dreamers to plan and planners to dream.

Wunderlist - Enables dreamers to plan and planners to dream. Do you write TO DO lists for each days tasks? - if you don't complete them that day, where do you write down the ones you haven't done?....and so on. Read on for a really effective solution. MSPA has been using 'Wunderlist' since...

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