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Copywriting at My Special PA

4 reasons why you’re not outsourcing your copywriting and 4 benefits if you did

4 reasons why you’re not outsourcing your copywriting and 4 benefits if you did In a mid-career interview, David Bowie talked about writing every single day - even if it was just a little. This daily discipline makes total sense. It's not always possible, but many highly driven and successful creatives...

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project coordination at My Special PA

How To: Successful Creative Project Coordination

Key Skills: Nicola Pedlingham - Creative Project Coordination Specialist At MSPA, the most vital requirement of any team member is a core understanding of creative temperaments. Whilst we have always rejected the stereotyping of creatives as 'scatty and disorganised' - (it's actually a myth) creatives can definitely have a propensity to the ‘unpredictable'   We...

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Private Dining - Baked Salt Style

4 ways MSPA helped ‘serve up’ private dining brand ‘Baked Salt’

A Client Case Study by Emma de Polnay I met chef Janie Fraser back in 2012 at a fantastic Wellness retreat weekend in North Devon. Pilates in a sun filled studio, nordic walking, nutritious cookery classes and homemade cake in the heavenly setting of a beautifully restored old mill. Janie and I...

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PR Specialist Andrea Freeman joins My Special PA

PR Specialist Andrea Freeman joins My Special PA We are thrilled to welcome our new PA and PR Specialist Andrea Freeman as the fourth member of the MSPA Team.... With a sharp eye for detail, style and design, Andrea is quick to assess a businesses’ marketing and PR needs and can confidently build...

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New Service #2 – Business Strategy for Creative Professionals

We get a lot of enquiries from creative professionals requesting help with developing an effective business strategy. My Special PA's services have all been carefully moulded and refined from what our clients tell us they need and could most benefit from in the future.  Esme and I have also drawn on...

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helping working mums - My Special PA

‘I don’t know how she does it’ – Working Mums

WORKING MUMS: - 2 x full-time jobs, 1 x mortal and how MSPA can help. I have just been reading about the new SJP film 'I don't know how she does it' - based on the novel by Allison Pearson, which is due for imminent release this month. Whilst the movie...

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