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Special Saving 7 – #4: Create simple on-the-hop marketing videos

Create simple on-the-hop marketing videos… with Quik

Quik is a pretty amazing tool that we’ve only recently just discovered but are having lots of fun with right now. It’s sort of like the video version of Wordswag, in that it’s just so flipping easy to use and makes you look like an absolute pro!

Quik lets you create videos that look slick and professionally edited in just a few minutes simply using your phone. Just take multiple video clips – or even still photos – that are stored on your phone, select the style and the soundtrack that you want and then Quik magically edits the video to the beat of the music. You can even add extra effects and text for more tailored on-brand messaging.

Once you’ve created your video, you can then easily post it straight to social media, save it to your hard drive for later or even go back into the app and make tweaks.

I can’t tell you how user-friendly this app is. However tech-savvy you may or may not be, I urge you all to download it and just give it a go…

How we use it as MSPA

We’ve found Quik to be the perfect marketing tool. We use it to promote and publicise events or exhibitions that we’re working on, or just to liven static social media feeds with some visually-appealing video.


Let us know how you get on with this one… and if you need any help – get in touch!

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