How to avoid death by to-do lists: celebrate your wins

My name’s Angela and I have a problem.

I’m addicted to to-do lists.

I can’t get enough of them: Post-it notes, Evernote checklists, fridge whiteboards, more Post-it notes, calendar reminders, smart phone apps, yet more Post-it notes…

How to tackle your to-do lists - Angela Brightwell. My Special PA copywriter and communications specialist.Every day my to-do lists get re-categorised, pre-prioritised, re-diarised.

If I’m not careful, I’ll drown in ‘to-do-dos’.

Is there such a thing as death by to-do list?

If so, I reckon that’s what’ll get me.

I bet even my epitaph will be written on a post-it note.

Despite all that though…

My to-do lists are pretty much the main reason I manage to get anything done at all. Ever.

If I didn’t have that logical, calm, unemotional list of words to guide me through the daily storm of overwhelm, I doubt I’d have the motivation to get out of bed every day.

They help me to let go of ALL the things I’m meant to be doing and just focus on the ONE next step.

Who else is with me on this? I’m guessing quite a few of you.

What with our smart phones, tablets, dongles, emails, social media accounts, blogs, schedulers, aggregators and what-not, we are bombarded constantly.

The list of things we want to investigate, instigate and replicate just gets larger and larger. If we didn’t have these to-do lists we’d lose track of everything.

But now let me ask you another question:

How often do you cross off your to-do lists? Keep track of what you’ve actually got done? Celebrate your achievements?

How to tackle your to-do lists - Angela Brightwell. My Special PA copywriter and communications specialist.If you’re anything like me, the things that get ticked off just get forgotten.

I re-do my lists on a daily basis. Items that have been crossed off just hours earlier simply disappear without a trace. The ‘achieved’ are quietly replaced by the ‘unachieved’. And the list keeps growing.

So where does that leave us? Feeling like we’ve got nowhere. That’s where. Like we’ve achieved nothing. Disgruntled. Demotivated. Hacked right off.

We need to reclaim the power from our to-do lists.

Take back the control. We need to keep track of everything we’ve got done. All that great stuff that we’ve investigated, instigated and replicated.

We need to give ourselves a great big pat on the back for fighting through the jungle of overwhelm, and actually finishing something.

We MUST cross those items off and we MUST NOT delete them or forget them. They are the reason we keep going. They are our cheering fans at mile 23 when our calves are burning and are thighs chafing.

Are you with me?! Hell yeah!

So let’s give it a go. Together.

Let’s celebrate those achievements. Those wins. Those ‘completions’.

One way that I try and do this is by using idonethis.

You can apparently use this clever little tool for a whole host of productivity-based things, but I have it set up to simply do one tiny task: to track my progress.

How to tackle your to-do lists - Angela Brightwell. My Special PA copywriter and communications specialist.It sends me an email at the end of every day, asking me what I’ve achieved. All I need to do is hit reply and list off the things that I’ve got done which it then stores in my account. I can log-in at any time and see what progress I’ve accumulated. Every day’s email re-caps what I achieved the day before.

It’s so simple, but it keeps those accomplishments fresh in your mind. It helps you to celebrate your achievements and keep motivated to keep on trucking.

So, why don’t you give idonethis a try too when you get a mo? And let me know how you get on…

If you have have any other tips that work for you, PLEASE let me know… and I’ll add it to my list!

#Ask Angela - Virtual PA Services - Brighton - to-do listsAnd remember – if there’s anything else you’re struggling with – especially in your copy and  communications, get in touch below and just ‘Ask Angela’.

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