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"Working with Sara from MSPA has increased my confidence and enabled me to push ahead with my aims that I'd been procrastinating about for years. Thanks to Sara, I feel that all my hard work hasn't been in vain."See more from this quote >< Hide more

Kate Cledwyn -
Photographic Artist

"Sacha took over helping me manage the business side of being an artist from Emma 2 years ago. Prior to that, I was Emma's first MSPA client! Sacha has built on my business success by always keeping her eye on the ball and being several jumps ahead. She has opinions and ideas which she brings to the table that to me always make good sense. She is sound and trustworthy and I have grown to have great faith in her. The time then came when I needed help with a change in lifestyle, a divorce, a house move and also a studio move. She seamlessly incorporated all these needs whilst continuing to keep her eye on the running of my business. She has an amazing capacity to observe, advise and take the initiative whilst at the same time always running her conclusions past me before implementing. This requires intelligence and sensitivity coupled with the rare quality a humble heart in one who takes on such responsibilities and this is why she is a gem. Thank you to Emma and Sacha for making such a profound impact on my work and life. "See more from this quote >< Hide more

Bella Pieroni -

"I approached MSPA as I was working on websites and marketing for my clients but not getting time to do this for myself. I knew what I had to do, but it was just not happening. I also needed to make sure other sides of the business were regularly looked at. Rachel works with me to make sure my own marketing happens. With Rachel's help – every month without fail – we have produced at least one blog post a month and a monthly newsletter. Before this, I’d not sent any newsletters and written a few blogs in the whole of the previous year. Rachel has enabled me to consistently get in front my customers allowing them to see the range of work we do. It has given me more confidence in promoting what we do as I am now actually practicing what I preach by using content marketing myself. Some of my clients have directly commissioned work off the back of receiving the email newsletters and blogs, and I know this will continue to increase even more once our website is revamped. Rachel's input enables me to focus on other areas of the business, which I would not have been able to do otherwise. "See more from this quote >< Hide more

Richard Lalchan -
RMLalchan - Web and Graphic Design

"Thank you so much to Rachel at My Special PA, I’ve now got a website that I really want to shout about! She helped me work out what my brand Baked Salt really stood for, got me properly organised and thinking strategically and introduced me to the right branding and web suppliers to take my ideas forward. Once the website was designed, Rachel was also incredibly supportive in helping project manage the website to completion. I have very little technical know-how so it was just what was needed. Now the site is live, Rachel is continuing to help me by working on my marketing and business development, including a regular newsletter to my mailing list, maintaining my blog and my social media planning. I have been doing cooking events for around 15 years but I finally have this exciting new brand which properly represents me, and my love for food and design. "See more from this quote >< Hide more

Janie Fraser -
Chef and owner of Baked Salt - Private dining brand

"Our recommendation to My Special PA couldn't have come at a better time, when our CRM and shop relations needed a good clearing out and shake up. First impressions of Esme showed she had the knowledge and intelligence to sift through the jumble sale of contacts we had collated over the years! We appreciated very much her support throughout her stay with us, from advising on product development to staff recruitment. Most impressive moment was putting a box of products samples directly into the hands of the buyer at Urban Outfitters. An amazing feat!"See more from this quote >< Hide more

Heather Link -
Co-owner and Director of Modern Toss

"My role as company director of a global arts brand leaves me zero time for admin. Rachel has done a really wonderful job sorting out my home work space, creating systems, filing, archiving. She's an absolute star, and a life-saver, so helpful and upbeat. I can see light at the end of a very dark tunnel."See more from this quote >< Hide more

Anonymous -

"I hired Emma's help as soon as I found out that I had been awarded a place exhibiting my work at The Other Art Fair in November 2011. Having worked on creative projects alongside Emma before, I was already aware of her passion and commitment to her work, and that she was experienced with working with a wide range of artists and design professionals. I had never prepared for an Art Fair before, but I knew that Emma had, so I knew I needed her help! She instantly calmed my nerves about the the task that lay before me, and suggested a simple and effective action plan for the two of us to work to and was able to advise on every step of the process, from selection of work, advice with framing, marketing support right through to set up of the stand. Emma was my right-hand-woman throughout the whole process, guiding and advising me with calm confidence and total professionalism. She works with absolute commitment, is able to be responsive and flexible about how to work with each of her clients in a way that is most suitable for their individual needs . Emma establishes a trusting, nurturing and exciting working relationship. The art fair was a huge success and has produced many more exciting opportunities for me. I was commended on the highly professional presentation of my stand and I owe much of that success to the support that Emma provided with her excellent services. I intend to work with Emma as often as my working practice allows. I highly recommend her!"See more from this quote >< Hide more

Raj Kaur - Emma
Artist and Graphic Designer

"Employing Emma ultimately resulted in myself finding a new agent, landing some promising TV roles and producing a first class voice reel. Emma instills confidence and with a little help from the client will invariably produce results. She was a joy to work with and I would recommend her to any professional who requires help sprinkled with a little TLC!"See more from this quote >< Hide more

Olivier Blanc - Emma

"I started my retail business The Forest Bailiff in 2009. Shortly afterwards, I realised that I would simply have to tackle my innate loathing of administration for the business to survive, let alone flourish. I was keen to spend time developing my website, organising PR events and advertising. I knew what I wanted to achieve but just wasn't getting anywhere. My priority was to be with my customers in the shop – that’s why I started the business.

One of my art exhibitors, Veda Hallowes, suggested I might need a little support from a specialist PA she was currently working with. Emma arrived full of enthusiasm and began by making sure she understood exactly what I wanted to achieve in all areas. She helped me to implement and action several projects in a methodical and orderly manner. Emma totally cleared the decks for me, tidied up my mac filing, helped me create a marketing strategy and liaised with my web designer to help her progress with the design and build of The Forest Bailiff website.

Emma also helped me plan and organise an art exhibition. We worked together on the design of the marketing materials and then she worked on the cataloging, mailshot, hanging and liaising with the artists. This allowed me to focus on arranging the venue as I had visualised it and to host the event.

Emma has been an invaluable support to the development of my business. In these lean times, it is ideal to be able to appoint someone really competent to projects when you are very busy and in need of experienced efficient and reliable back up."See more from this quote >< Hide more

Lucy Woodruff - Emma
Interior Designer and Owner of The Forest Bailiff

"I'd not worked with a virtual PA before being referred to MSPA. Initially I had my reservations, having had a non-virtual PA previously. However, I was really impressed at just how quickly and effectively Esme was able to assimilate the information. Also at just how professional and well integrated her service was to my business and my customers."See more from this quote >< Hide more

James Layfield -
Serial Entrepeneur and CEO at Central

"Emma brings a broad range of creative experience into her work as a PA. In fact her work goes far beyond that of a PA and she is a skilled business development manager. Emma is able to identify clear strategies for developing work leads and has a great understanding of how to harness various social mediums; she thinks outside the box, and is able to make great connections between various strands of experience and skill.
I continue to work with Emma and would recommend her without reservation for anyone seeking a Super PA/Business Consultant in the creative industries."See more from this quote >< Hide more

Robin Auld - Emma
Creative Director for Live Events

"We were delighted when we discovered My Special PA, it was exactly what we needed. When Esme joined our team we weren't disappointed - the advice, service, support and encouragement that Esme has given us has been fantastic. Nothing is too much trouble, she is organised and professional. Esme has fitted in perfectly with our business and become a valuable member of our team, we look forward to continuing working with Esme for the long term."See more from this quote >< Hide more

Sarah Parris -
Creative Director - Parris Wakefield Additions

"The balancing act between my creative work and running a 'business' has now found a greater harmony. This is due to crucial help from Esme Lynch. Her 100% support and efficiency has driven my planned projects and organisation forward. I feel reassured and supported by Esme's experience and confident approach. I'd really love to keep her all to myself!"See more from this quote >< Hide more

Mark Vessey -
Photographer and Owner of POINTANDSNAP

"We identified a need to build a long term working relationship with a new business developer. Emma started working with us in April 2010 and has fast become an invaluable member of the team.
She quickly gained an in-depth knowledge of our core proposition, our goals for the business and areas of expertise, getting inside the business to really understand it. She has successfully built relationships with new and potential clients, following up on every opportunity. She continues to work with us developing our strategy for business development, exploring new opportunities for networking and planning ahead. She is confident, articulate, extremely personable and a real asset to the team."See more from this quote >< Hide more

Kristen Streten - Emma
Partner at Design Culture Associates