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See below for a full list of MSPA service options – Brighton and London. Can’t decide which service is right for you? Get in touch – we’re here to help!


Virtual Assistant and consultant services at My Special PA


What's on offer?

virtual assistant Brighton


The below is only a guide based on what our existing customers require – please tell us what you need!

  • Workspace organisation – keeping your business matters ship-shape with physical and virtual filing
  • Contact management – email filtering, diary and mailing list management
  • Document creation and distribution – e.g. quotes, invoices, applications, stock lists and mail merges
  • Research
  • Customer and supplier liaison
  • Web and blog admin (system training applicable)
  • Personal admin and errands

Who's it for?

This service is well suited to ‘just too busy’ creative individuals and companies, that require regular and ongoing administrative and business support.

We’ll do your admin, speak to your people and keep things ship-shape, allowing you to get back into your workspace!

When you engage a Special PA to deliver these services, you will benefit from working with a skilled consultant with proper business experience whom will work closely with you to understand and meet the demands of your world, whatever they entail.

  • J.T.B Bundles start at 16hrs per month
  • 3-month minimum contract applies
  • Unused hours cannot be rolled over to the following month
  • Your VA will notify you ahead if you are going to run over contracted hours so you can agree on extension

C&C Bundles

What's on offer?


copywriting and communications from My Special PACOPYWRITING & COMMUNICATIONS

The C&C Bundles are a packaged up monthly solution to all your marketing needs. Copywriting and content creation and maintenance for web, blog, newsletter and social media communications.

We start with a Discovery & Insight session – questions from us, answers from you and then a face 2 face meeting. This is designed to allow us to ‘get under the hood’ of your business before we take action, therefore enabling us to provide you with the best possible assistance.

You can then choose from 16 – 24 hr plans which can offer you some or all of the following each month, depending on your required time commitment and available budget:

  • Comms & marketing strategy
  • Content creation
  • Social media strategy & management
  • Newsletter creation
  • Blogging
  • Target Audience interaction


Who's it for?

This package is ideally suited to customer-focused individuals or small agencies, that do not have time to do their own marketing, but neither do they have the budget for a full-time marketing hire.

You can get on with your work, whilst your C&C consultant gets on with marketing your products and/ or services: writing creative copy, engaging with your target market and building your audience.

  • C&C Bundles start at 16hrs per month
  • 3-month minimum contract applies
  • Unused hours cannot be rolled over to the following month
  • Your C&C Consultant will notify you ahead if you are going to run over contracted hours so you can agree on extension

For full details – please take a look at the download

C&C Bundle download

M.S.P.A Business Package - Map the Strategy Plan the Action!

What's on offer?

Map the Strategy, Plan the Action!


We passionately believe that taking a regular look at the bigger picture is essential for a successful business.  The M.S.P.A Business Package does exactly this, helping you to understand where you are, where you want to be and what you’ll need to do to achieve that.

It is also highly bespoke, so what we cover will be dictated by your individual requirements. This may include some or all of the following:

  • Your creative work (what you do)
  • Your clients (defining your target market)
  • Your pricing model (earnings potential)
  • Your competition (what are they offering)
  • Your brand identity (how you want to be perceived by your target market)
  • Your marketing activities (how you promote your products/services)
  • Your sales opportunities (where you can sell your products/services)
  • Your business processes (what paper/IT systems you use)

Who's it for?

Our package has been specifically developed to help creative individuals and companies, whether you are newly launched, diversifying or looking to grow.

We will work collaboratively at first and then we will create a bespoke strategy and action plan, based on our expertise, your goals and our recommendations for how to achieve them. You may wish to implement the plan yourself – or – we can support you with further MSPA services as listed above.

For full details – please take a look at the download

MSPA package download

'My Project'

What's on offer?

project management from My Special PA

Creative Project Support

At MSPA we are committed to offering easy-to-use services that respond to the diverse demands of creative businesses.

‘My Project’ is all about getting you the help you need – On Demand – with an affordable minimum booking fee and no on-going monthly commitments.

The following list of projects is only a guide – just tell us what you need and we’ll tell you how we can help.

Opt.1 – Event – Assistance / Management

  • Art or Design Fair – admin, contact liaison, logistics
  • Photographic production/shoots/location finding
  • Event planning – product launches, trade shows, parties or weddings
  • Interior builds – project coordination, product sourcing
  • Event staffing (subject to availability)

 Opt.2 – Internal Company Admin

  • Bespoke company templates – e.g. estimates, questionnaires, info packs, forms
  • Research – e.g. products, alternative suppliers or systems, recruitment or new business prospect lists
  • Website updates
  • Mailing list / Email marketing system admin
  • Press pack

Who's it for?

This service is for anyone who needs project assistance or management for one-off or seasonal projects – E.g.

  • Do you sell or market your products and/or services at events (e.g. fairs, shows and exhibitions)?
  • Do you find that when you carry the full workload pre, during and post-event or project, you feel totally burned out on completion?
  • Do you struggle to find the time for important internal admin projects – e.g. research, website or database updates, template creation or customer care and after-sales work?
  • Would you benefit from first class, affordable, ad-hoc project support – Just when you need it?

 If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions – We Can Help!

For full details – please take a look at the download

  • Minimum booking fee is 16hrs p/month – your MSPA consultant will advise you on the best bundle in line with your project requirements and available investment.
  • Agreed (booked) hours will be billed at month end, regardless of whether they are used or not
  • Unused hours cannot be rolled over to the following month