Our Special Butterfly Cards

My Special PA’s Butterfly Christmas Cards

Esme and I had a meeting in November and decided that our Christmas and New Year greetings would be beautiful, personal and in a card format – rather than an emailer. We produce email newsletters and invites for our clients when requested but felt that our MSPA seasonal greetings should feel as special and personal as the services we deliver. We decided to work with the butterfly symbol which is a key part of our brand identity for the following reasons: –

  • The butterfly is a glorious symbol of Transformation. When I was working on ideas for the MSPA business, I was changing career Transforming from one role into another. At this time I just seemed to see butterflies everywhere, on pieces of glitter left by a child on the pavement, clothing, advertising and flying through my mothers garden enjoying feasting on her buddleia. It seemed like such a clear sign.
  • We also aim to bring Transformation to our clients lives by taking over the administrative and commercial ‘chores’ that keep them away from their creative work.
  • The butterfly can fly from flower to flower doing a thorough job of pollinating = ‘delivering’ whilst also taking care of it’s own needs, nourishment = ‘running a business’.

So using the butterfly as a starting point, we searched for a Kirigami design so that we could have a butterfly popping out of the card towards the recipient with our greetings.

We loved making your cards and your compliments and appreciation have made it doubly worth our time and efforts (and numb fingers from cutting out the fiddly shapes)

See gallery of pics below and dble. click to enlarge.

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