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My Special PA – New Brand Design and Website

My Special PA – New Brand Design and Website

Here we are – sorry it’s taken so long. We just wanted to spend some time watching and learning from people we truly respect, before we started unleashing our thoughts, interests and opinions on the blogosphere….I hope we have learned well.

I can think of no better way to start than by talking about the new website. Designed and built by Flourish Studios in Guildford  – it’s been a real journey of discovery so I’m going to blog about different areas/aspects of the site in different blog posts.

1. THE ILLUSTRATIONS – my favourite part….

I was sat on a train back to Brighton from a day with a London client. I was hot and pretty sleepy after a long day but I knew I needed to spend the journey working through copy and ideas for the new website – a rather overdue task on my own to do list. Whilst I was brain dumping it came to me that it would be very powerful to have a few illustrations by Bella Pieroni as part of the branding on the site – Bella was our first client and in the early days when it was just me, she was instrumental in helping me to create and shape the service offer for maximum appeal to other creative professionals like herself.

When I am working at Bella’s house and she is out for the day or away, she often leaves me a list of things that need attention accompanied by some special, brilliant little ink cartoon to make me smile. I really LIKE the clients I work with as people, we manage to have fun whilst getting things done and I wanted to add some of this lightheartedness and humour into the website. Fiona from Flourish thought up the brilliant idea of the White Flag for the contact footer, I asked Bella to draw the butterfly that gently rests on the ‘P’ of the logo and the rest of the sketches just came from there – and Bella really enjoyed doing them!

Bella is a wonderful artist – her work touches so many people and she has an ardent following of fans and collectors – I take care of her mailing list which is outstanding in size for a fine artist. There are at least 5,000 contacts last time I checked and 98% of these people really WANT to receive the mailings we send them. We are measured and economical with our correspondence and always have something appealing to offer i.e. tickets to an art fair – I think that is the simple key.

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