Wunderlist - perfect TO DO business tool used by My Special PA

Wunderlist – Enables dreamers to plan and planners to dream.

Wunderlist – Enables dreamers to plan and planners to dream.

Do you write TO DO lists for each days tasks? – if you don’t complete them that day, where do you write down the ones you haven’t done?….and so on.

Read on for a really effective solution.

MSPA has been using ‘Wunderlist’ since December 2010. A very busy, successful and organised friend told me about it. No brainer (I don’t like that expression much but its very apt here)

So, I could just post the link and let you all swim into a tranquil sea of perfect cross-platform task management..but I thought I’d go further and share some of the ways it has improved life for me, my team and our clients.

Wunderlist - LISTS

WUNDERLIST Fig.1 – Creating lists and tasks within list

1) CREATING LISTS – We have multiple clients so we create a list per client / subject. See fig. 1

2) CREATING TASKS – Within the client list we can add each task that they give us or we know we have to achieve – date it – add notes – edit notes, change date, prioritise it with a red star and when it’s complete tick it and the task shows in a paler shade below with a tick.  See fig.2 This helps track productivity and reminds you that you are achieving things

WUNDERLIST Fig.2 – task functionality within lists

3) SHARING THE LIST – You can then share the list with a colleague or the client via email so they can download the app, and then see what needs to be done and tick tasks off as they achieve them. This way everyone can see what has been done. See fig. 3 They can download the app from your email invite and set it up with great ease.


WUNDERLIST Fig.3 – Sharing your list with a colleague or client.

NEVER FORGET ANYTHING YOU NEED TO DO AGAIN – Then – (and this is the best bit) – you can have the same list on your phone (iphones only at present I think), mac or PC, iPad etc.  You can quickly add tasks to specific lists, as they pop into your head on the tube and they will sync across all platforms as required.

4. TODAY’S TASKS – When the date that tasks need to be done on/by arrives – tasks will all show up in a list but within the parent list you created them in, to stay organised. See Fig. 4


WUNDERLIST Fig.4 – Tasks for Today within the lists they were created

It’s a total joy. Just to be clear – I get nothing from Mr Wunderkinder  (The software company behind the product) for this write up, I just wanted to share the wunders of a free app that I use to streamline my business tasking. It really works and its very clear and visual for the benefits of creative professionals. I rarely use notebooks at all anymore. I also use it for all my own personal lists – reminding me about everything I need to do for myself from taking the rubbish out to planning a trip to Tibet.

Allow yourself to create a passion project list, keep adding ideas and dreams to it and keep looking at it….


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