New Service #2 – Business Strategy for Creative Professionals

We get a lot of enquiries from creative professionals requesting help with developing an effective business strategy.

My Special PA’s services have all been carefully moulded and refined from what our clients tell us they need and could most benefit from in the future.  Esme and I have also drawn on our own past experience (as overworked creative professionals) to identify the most beneficial and time-saving formats in which to package our services.

We’ve found that for a JUST TOO BUSY creative professional we need to take as much off their hands as possible. Thus allowing them to get back into their studio, workshop or office to create, whilst we handle the rest. This working relationship has usually manifested in a mutually beneficial weekly commitment.

But what about a creative professional who is trying to BUILD THEIR PROFILE  both on and offline? They want to be JUST TOO BUSY but they’re not there yet. They may have a more restricted budget so need to invest wisely, but perhaps not sure where to start?

From experience, we’ve found that for certain clients the best way to help them move forward, is to create a bespoke strategy which is formatted as a detailed TO DO list.  Esme and I met with the lovely Alicia Cowan the other day and she asked if we had actually advertised this service yet – I said ‘No’ and she replied well ‘get to it – it’s great!’ 🙂

So Introducing……


One-off fee – £200

What’s on offer?

2 hour consultation to find out about you, your creative work and your business goals. We then take this information away and covert it into an achievable and easy to follow strategy or action plan. We will look at your short and long-term goals and break them down into manageable bite-sized chunks to help you schedule your time and activity.

The strategy will cover:-

  • Your Creative work – Format, presentation and development
  • Your Branding – is it working for you?
  • Your Market – Who buys your work and suggestions on how to reach other target markets
  • Your Online presence – maximising your online profiles, ( e.g. Linked In, niche sites, directories etc) Your website and advice on Social Media interaction.
  • Your Competition – Analysis and suggestions on how to get and stay ahead
  • Marketing and promotion ideas
  • Sales opportunities
  • Recommendation of niche contacts and suppliers that can help you achieve your goals

We would propose to spend a minimum of a day (8hrs) on this strategy to cover the above areas and any you wish to add or subtract.

From there you’ll have a PLAN OF ACTION which you can run with or you can appoint certain tasks to us.

For more information please – get in touch

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