New Service #1 – Workspace Spring Clean

Happy 30th January!

I don’t know about you but I’m really pleased to see the back end of January. There may still be snow on the way, but I feel we can allow ourselves to look forward to Spring as February begins. Snowdrops and crocuses randomly poking through on urban lawns are one of my favourite sights.

I spent an afternoon during the Christmas break doing a Workspace Spring clean. It was time well spent. I wanted to practice what I preach whilst refining the details of our new service, by tending to any of my own dis-order. As a result, I started the new year fresh, ready and in a good place to help our clients to address their plans and projects for 2012.

Clearing the decks is essential for your own well-being and an ongoing commitment to the success of your work.

People outside of the creative industries will often label the creative temperament with un-insightful words like ‘eccentric’, ‘aloof’, ‘disorganised’ and ‘scatty’. We’ve always found the clients whom most benefit from My Special PA’s services (artists, actors, designers, media professionals and entrepreneurs) are generally smart, savvy and pretty organised. What they are lacking (like the best of us) is time – they’re JUST TOO BUSY with juggling their creative work and the demands of their business to keep their workspace as ordered as they’d like. Something has to give at times doesn’t it?

At My Special PA, we are well aware that there’s cupboard (not to mention shed) loads of workspace harmonisation theory out there. There are entire websites and businesses (some good, some bad) dedicated to the pursuit of office and studio de-cluttering, paperwork efficiency, Feng-Shui practice and even people who claim they can exorcise negative vibes from your surroundings, just from a photograph of the offending room.

Yes, really.

ORDER isn’t a ‘Dark Art’ it’s about the introduction and application of maintainable work systems that suit the individual user.

Here are 7 signs that you could benefit from a WORKSPACE SPRING CLEAN

  1. You’re spending valuable working time looking for ‘misplaced’ receipts, documents, invoices, samples and reference material.
  2. You’re spending valuable time on re-active rather than pro-active tasks due to dis-order.
  3. You feel a bit of any of the following emotions as you enter your workspace: – anxiety, depression or helplessness.
  4. You’re scheduling meetings in noisy coffee shops rather than letting your clients, buyers or suppliers see your workspace.
  5. Your computer desktop is littered with random downloads, un-titled images and screenshots.
  6. Your computer is working slowly due to unnecessary and duplicated files and old versions of software taking up too much memory.
  7. You’re IN/OUT tray is empty because the mail and paperwork hasn’t actually made it that far yet.

Think of how long you’re now spending on dealing with the above issues and then how much you charge your clients for your time?

We’d like to help you get back on track and spend less time on admin and more time being creative. So, we’re offering a full days’ Workspace Spring Clean tailored to your individual needs for a one off fee of just £175  

PLEASE NOTE – Additional travel expenses are applicable outside of East Sussex and will be charged at cost.

What’s on offer?

First of all, we need to determine your specific needs, so please invite us over for a chat so we can take a proper look. Shouldn’t take too long, but it will help us both clarify what to focus on and prioritise. The following list is based on what we have done for existing clients…..

1. DIGITAL ORDER – (as instructed) We know that the idea of having someone stepping amongst your artwork files (however daintily) may make you nervous, so we propose to focus on ideas and advice than implementation.  We can tell you about free or affordable IT solutions to streamline your daily computer work and keep things running smoothly. If you do however want us to do any filing, software upgrades etc, just let us know.

 2. PHYSICAL ORDER – Paperwork filing and labelling with tips & advice on effective filing solutions that will keep things organised and categorised when you’re flying around.

3. CLEAN -UP – What’s an ordered workspace if it’s still dusty? – Show us where you’re cleaning cupboard is and we’ll do the rest.

4. TROUBLE -SHOOTING – Time allowing, let us sort out any workspace or digital niggles that you haven’t had time to address. And if we can’t help you we will know someone who can.

What our clients say about our Workspace Spring Clean service:-

‘My Special PA –  Organised and streamlined my working environment.  They are efficient, quick to assess a situation, know what’s needed, patient and good listeners.  They get on with the job in hand, get it done on time and bring creativity and good humour to the whole process.  They brought order out of chaos in my life at a time when I couldn’t think straight.  They have saved me time, effort, money and my sanity!  All this is achieved quietly, professionally, with excellence.  They are worth their weight in gold.’

Helen Guinnness – Director Four by Four Consultancy

‘My Special PA has helped me on many different levels. Within my workspace she has brought long-overdue order to my chaos, expanded my basic Mac knowledge to provide me with instant access to all my documents and applications and with efficiency and sensitivity, she has helped me ‘spring clean’ an overwhelming backlog of personal and business clutter. My Special PA’s input has been a brilliant investment.’

Bella Pieroni – Artist –

‘My Special PA arrived full of enthusiasm and began by making sure she understood exactly what I wanted to achieve in all areas. She helped me to implement and action several projects in a methodical and orderly manner. My Special PA totally cleared the decks for me and tidied up my mac filing. I know where everything lives now and had been avoiding this task for months (if not years)’

Lucy Woodruff – Interior Designer & Owner of The Forest Bailiff

To book a free consultation please get in touch

E. or call our office T. 01273 622 896

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