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Asking for help

Asking for help

Critical mass: an amount or level needed for a specific result or new action to occur

So I hit a critical mass this summer.
As a freelancer, you’re always juggling – but this was different. Too many plates spinning = total overwhelm.
In our last blog post, I shared my story about getting back to making art again and specifically making proper time for it.
Whilst it’s wonderful to be creating and selling again; creating my art, marketing my art, arranging shipping and liaising with suppliers and buyers – on top of – working for MSPA clients, managing a team, running a business, marketing activities, service development and new business activities…
Yep, I quickly tipped over the edge of my capacity and started to feel very overstretched and stressed

During this time, MSPA’s copywriting specialist Angela Brightwell and I were also working hard together to create our new Copy & Comms bundles. We sat together running through all the ways Angela felt she could best support MSPA clients with their regular copywriting and communications needs. At the time, I remember thinking ‘hmmm – I could actually do with all this support’ ….and then the thought got buried under my tunnel vision and To Do lists.

Angela then took some time off to get married and have some honeymoon and downtime. Whilst she was away, my mother, also an artist, came down to Brighton for a visit and over dinner, she got the full story of woe re. my unmanageable workload.

My mother is not a business woman. She has not been in my position. Firstly, however, she knows me inside out and secondly, she’s very good at reading between the lines and just saying what she thinks.

‘So get one of your team to help you?’
‘You know, with the bits that they can do as well or even better than you. Try asking for help yourself Emma.’

I immediately tried to think of all the reasons this wouldn’t work. Nothing valid sprang to mind.
My dear Mum had just cut through all the ‘noise’ of my overwhelm and speedily shone a spotlight on an answer that was right under my nose.

My stressed out tunnel vision meant that I couldn’t see that what I / MSPA needed was the exact same service solutions we recommend for most of our clients.

Time to practice what we preach.

As well as taking care of her own clients, Angela is now providing copywriting & communications services to My Special PA. In fact, I’m only writing this blog post, as it ideally needed to come from me.

This new arrangement started very recently, so we are still trying and testing the best and most effective use of the time Angela has available to offer MSPA internal comms. Angela swiftly and effectively absorbed the brand tone of voice, values and positioning that I have personally created and is now always 2 steps ahead of me, with what we need to look at next.

Angela has taken a big weight off my shoulders allowing me to spend more time on what I love – my artwork and other areas of MSPA that are best tackled by me as managing director e.g. business development and strategic planning.

First and foremost, it’s a HUGE relief but it’s also a solution that will ultimately further business growth.

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2 thoughts on “Asking for help

  1. Veda Hallowes

    Well done you! And your Mum. I hope you are finding the new arrangement works well and that you truly feel less overwhelmed. Overwhelmed is not a healthy place to be.
    Take care.

    Veda xxx

    1. My Special PA Post author

      Thanks so much Veda – it’s lovely to hear from you. Yes, I am feeling much more in control of what I need to do now. Angela us a god-send as she’s been able to morph into me when needed – it’s a real skill she has and watch this space – we will be talking aboyt that in the next post!

      How are things going with you workwise? how was AAF Oct?
      Very best wishes, Emma


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