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The ONE killer marketing tool every small business needs

Want to know the ONE killer marketing tool every small business needs?

I’ve got two words for you:

‘Mailing’ and ‘List’.

One of the most common regrets I hear from entrepreneurs and small business owners, is this:

email marketing brighton“I wish I’d started building my email list sooner”.

I know. It seems funny, right?

In this day and age, it’s easy to think that social media is where it’s all at now in the marketing world.

Twitter likes. Instagram followers. Facebook fans. Periscope hearts.

There’s no doubt that these are all fantastic interactive ways to find your folk. Engage your tribe. And start building relationships.

But let’s face it – these platforms can be fickle friends at times.

What with ever-changing algorithms and fast-moving feeds, it can be tricky to know that what you’re putting out there is getting to the right places.

That’s where good old-fashioned email marketing comes in.

email marketing brightonThere’s nothing quite as powerful as having one-to-one access in someone’s inbox.

Boom! It’s just you and them. Up close and personal.

An opportunity to claim your audience’s undivided attention.

A chance to really get across who you are, what you’re about and how you can help them.

It’s also the perfect way to reach out to people who – on the whole – are genuinely interested in you and what you have to offer.

Our email addresses are precious, right?

I bet you don’t give yours away willy-nilly. There’s enough information piling into our inboxes on a daily basis. We have zero inclination of adding to that for no good reason.

Think about how you choose to sign up to mailing lists as a consumer. Is it because you like what they’re doing? Is it because you want to know more? Is it because you want to be reminded about what they have to offer in the future?

Yes. Yes. And thrice – yes!

email marketing brightonWhy would it be any different for you and your offerings?

If someone gives you their email address, it’s an open invitation to market to them (within reason, obvs!). They want to hear from you.

So, absolutely – the one must-have tool for marketing your small business is most definitely your mailing list.

Create your mailing list, build your mailing list, and most of all – use your mailing list!

If you’ve not got started yet – don’t fret. It’s never too late to jump on that horse.

And in fact, it’s uber easy to get started.

Just sign up to one of the many super simple and cheap (in some cases, even free) email marketing tools available online – Mailchimp, Aweber, Madmimi, Constant Contact etc – and you’ll be sending out emails, newsletters and e-zines by teatime.

Let me know how you get on.

#Ask Angela - Virtual PA Services - BrightonAnd if you have any problems or questions – you know where I am. Just #AskAngela!

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