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4 reasons why you’re not outsourcing your copywriting and 4 benefits if you did

4 reasons why you’re not outsourcing your copywriting and 4 benefits if you did

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David Bowie, writing lyrics, Cherokee Studios by Geoff MacCormack

In a mid-career interview, David Bowie talked about writing every single day – even if it was just a little. This daily discipline makes total sense. It’s not always possible, but many highly driven and successful creatives have this single-mindedness about their practice. It’s like a daily worship.

I thought about this discipline in relation to my own working process; whilst I don’t paint and draw every day (I’m working on that), I realised that I do actually write a little, or a lot practically every day. Ok, not culture changing song lyrics or novels – but I do ‘compose’ a lot of creative copy for my own and other peoples businesses; including marketing copy, targeted business development emails, award entries, proposal copy and social media content. For me, it’s the very BEST part of my job, I love it and so do the other copywriters on the MSPA team.

So what happens if you run a small business and you really don’t love writing? What happens, if you know you will procrastinate like hell, find all kinds of other ‘tasks’ to prioritise, until important looming deadlines keep you awake at night? Writing about your own business is challenging – It’s both confronting and highly subjective.

On a practical level, not only do you have to take time ‘out’ to write the actual copy, you also need to make sure what you have written is accurate, professional and without mistakes. Copywriting is as much of a specialist skill as graphic design, web development or SEO – so the obvious solution is to get a professional in?  – so why do many business owners ignore this and struggle onwards?

Why you’re NOT outsourcing your business/marketing copywriting

  1. Cost – you worry that a professional writer will cost too much
  2. Subject Matter Expertise (SME) – the copywriter may not know that much about the sector your business operates in and you’ll need to take time out of your busy schedule to do a lengthy briefing
  3. Quality – what if they just don’t do a satisfying job?
  4. ROI – it’s tricky to put ‘metrics’ on the business impact of written copy.

I read a lot of marketing communications, from design agency ‘mission statements’, artists personal statements to editorial pieces written about our clients and associates. Some of the work is outstandingly good and highly engaging – and some of it…really isn’t, and that makes a very negative business impact.

copywriting at my special pa

The transformative benefits of hiring a professional copywriter 

  1. Free up time – spend it on the work you’re great at and focus on what your business actually does – including developing products or services and spending more time talking to existing and potential prospects to drive more revenue.
  2. Professional writer – this is what they do. They know what questions to ask to learn about you, your business, target market, and industry. A good copywriter will do the due diligence piece with the minimum business disruption to ‘channel’ you and your agreed tone of voice in their writing.
  3. A fresh perspective – even if you enjoy doing some of the writing for your business, introducing a new voice shows integrity. Consider allowing a copywriter to review and refresh your existing business copy so they can challenge and weed out anything that is out of date or doesn’t align with your core brand values.
  4. Value for money – the content your copywriter creates has multi-channel potential. It can easily be re-purposed e.g. a great blog post can be used for social media from a Linkedin Pulse post to ‘dripping out’ quotes on Twitter to drive traffic back to the original blog post on your website. The copywriting could also be re-formatted for a marketing video script, insight paper or a chapter for an e-book.

You’ve bought and paid for the copyright – you can do what you like with it!

At MSPA, we are lucky enough to have 3 copywriters (including me). We all have different backgrounds; mine is creative / digital agency and arts, Jay Curtis  is a published writer with Random House and Ruth Lumley is a journalist whom prior to having her family, worked as a news reporter with the Press Association.

Examples of the kind of copywriting we regularly do for MSPA clients:

  • Brand marketing comms
  • If you’re a creative agency – we can write brand marketing copy for your company and for your clients’ companies white-labelled as a part of your service to them
  • Blog articles
  • Social media – LinkedIn pulse posts
  • Client proposals
  • Press releases

Please don’t struggle onwards – we’re experienced, professional and affordable – we can help (nb. other copywriters are available – of course 😉

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