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VA virtual assistant at My Special PA

What does a VA do all day?

So What does a VA do all day? I’m often surprised when I'm introduced to someone who is unfamiliar with the term 'VA'. ‘Virtual' and 'working from home' are completely absorbed into our working culture - and yet perhaps this idea of being someone’s' right arm and not being physically in...

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project coordination at My Special PA

How To: Successful Creative Project Coordination

Key Skills: Nicola Pedlingham - Creative Project Coordination Specialist At MSPA, the most vital requirement of any team member is a core understanding of creative temperaments. Whilst we have always rejected the stereotyping of creatives as 'scatty and disorganised' - (it's actually a myth) creatives can definitely have a propensity to the ‘unpredictable'   We...

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email marketing brighton

The ONE killer marketing tool every small business needs

Want to know the ONE killer marketing tool every small business needs? I’ve got two words for you: ‘Mailing’ and ‘List’. One of the most common regrets I hear from entrepreneurs and small business owners, is this: “I wish I’d started building my email list sooner”. I know. It seems funny, right? In this day and age, it’s...

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How to avoid death by to-do lists: celebrate your wins

My name's Angela and I have a problem. I’m addicted to to-do lists. I can’t get enough of them: Post-it notes, Evernote checklists, fridge whiteboards, more Post-it notes, calendar reminders, smart phone apps, yet more Post-it notes... Every day my to-do lists get re-categorised, pre-prioritised, re-diarised. If I'm not careful, I'll drown in 'to-do-dos'. Is there such...

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Asking for help

Asking for help Critical mass: an amount or level needed for a specific result or new action to occur So I hit a critical mass this summer. As a freelancer, you’re always juggling - but this was different. Too many plates spinning = total overwhelm. In our last blog post, I shared my story...

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6 top tips for working with a virtual assistant

Our Guide to Working With a Virtual Assistant

Our Guide to Working With a Virtual Assistant 1. Communication   We are always happy to suggest ways of working together, but the interaction between you and your Virtual Assistant (VA) should reflect how you work best. Verbal and written communication can both be helpful, depending on the nature of the interaction...

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Gallery owner and artist Lara Bowen in her studio

Gallery owner Lara Bowen on the business of art

Gallery owner Lara Bowen on the business of art Last week, I spent a really enjoyable morning interviewing artist and Four-Walls gallery owner, Lara Bowen in her Brighton home. Italian coffee and homemade banana muffins were served - 'honestly they're just thrown together' Lara protests through giggles. Home baking on a Monday morning - I'm...

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Behind the scenes with MSPA Client – Alex MacArthur

Behind the scenes with MSPA Client - Alex MacArthur We’re delighted to be working with Alex MacArthur, antique dealer and interior designer based in Brighton. Back in the early ‘80s, Alex worked as a furniture restorer’s assistant on fine museum-quality pieces.  This was before she discovered the concept of decorative antiques and...

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4 ‘TO DO’ tips from My Special PA

4 'TO DO' tips from My Special PA These days I am increasingly reliant on to-do lists as I support multiple clients.  I often do work for more than one client on any given day, so the lists ensure that I know what I need to do and by when. However, the...

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Wunderlist - perfect TO DO business tool used by My Special PA

Wunderlist – Enables dreamers to plan and planners to dream.

Wunderlist - Enables dreamers to plan and planners to dream. Do you write TO DO lists for each days tasks? - if you don't complete them that day, where do you write down the ones you haven't done?....and so on. Read on for a really effective solution. MSPA has been using 'Wunderlist' since...

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