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New Service #2 – Business Strategy for Creative Professionals

We get a lot of enquiries from creative professionals requesting help with developing an effective business strategy. My Special PA's services have all been carefully moulded and refined from what our clients tell us they need and could most benefit from in the future.  Esme and I have also drawn on...

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Our Special Butterfly Cards

My Special PA's Butterfly Christmas Cards Esme and I had a meeting in November and decided that our Christmas and New Year greetings would be beautiful, personal and in a card format - rather than an emailer. We produce email newsletters and invites for our clients when requested but felt that...

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w/c 21.11.11 – My week – The Highlights by Emma de Polnay

It's been a long but highly enjoyable week 22.11.11 - Tuesday - GET A LOOK IN - I had a call from production designer, Lisa Marie Hall asking me to be a guest speaker at her upcoming 'Get a Look In' workshop. I am really honoured! Lisa wants me to speak...

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The Affordable Art Fair Autumn 2011 – Taking the Art Market Temperature

The Affordable Art Fair Autumn 2011 A post Art Fair email from AAF founder  Will Ramsay I found this appraisal of the AAF of great value to our work at MSPA and to all artists, so I wanted to share it - the letter has been edited by me for confidentiality. Dear Affordable...

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Bella Pieroni works with a virtual assistant at My Special PA

Bella Pieroni at Decorex 2011

Bella Pieroni at Decorex 2011 For MSPA Autumn can be a particularly busy time. London Fashion Week, London Design Festival and the Affordable Art fair. We have clients who need our support and assistance to book, plan and help deliver their stands, displays and exhibitions at these shows. Decorex 2011 has been...

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Wunderlist - perfect TO DO business tool used by My Special PA

Wunderlist – Enables dreamers to plan and planners to dream.

Wunderlist - Enables dreamers to plan and planners to dream. Do you write TO DO lists for each days tasks? - if you don't complete them that day, where do you write down the ones you haven't done?....and so on. Read on for a really effective solution. MSPA has been using 'Wunderlist' since...

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helping working mums - My Special PA

‘I don’t know how she does it’ – Working Mums

WORKING MUMS: - 2 x full-time jobs, 1 x mortal and how MSPA can help. I have just been reading about the new SJP film 'I don't know how she does it' - based on the novel by Allison Pearson, which is due for imminent release this month. Whilst the movie...

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Virtual assistants and consultants - My Special PA

My Special PA – New Brand Design and Website

My Special PA - New Brand Design and Website Here we are - sorry it's taken so long. We just wanted to spend some time watching and learning from people we truly respect, before we started unleashing our thoughts, interests and opinions on the blogosphere....I hope we have learned well. I can...

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