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selling vi - why cold calls still generate business and 6 ways to get better at them

Selling (vi) – why cold calls still generate business & 6 ways to get them right

Selling (vi) - why cold calls still generate business & 6 ways to get them right. This summer I went to Marrakesh (it’s not all work people ;) - it was the best trip I've been on for ages and truly surpassed all my expectations If you’ve been, you’ll know that there's...

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productivity from My Special PA

4 Great Project Management & Productivity Tools

4 Great Project Management & Productivity Tools Projects, project management (PM) and productivity have been key themes at MSPA over this last quarter. We are also delighted to be launching our new My Project service this month, to provide on-demand project assistance for our customers - when that's needed as an...

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business development by phone at My Special PA

Pick Up The Phone (and make something happen)

The key theme that’s being going around my head in the last few months is - pick up the phone As the platforms with which we can communicate via text and image only increase, forget F.O.M.O, we seem to be experiencing F.O.P.C (fear of phone calls) Don't we always find a quick...

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creative businesses always need a pit crew

Creative Business: building your ‘pit-crew’

Creative Business: building your 'pit-crew' Creative professionals and companies will always need a 'go-to pit crew'. At MSPA, we’ve made it our business to build a network of trusted associates we can confidently recommend to our clients and prospective clients. I’m talking about brand designers, web developers, SEO consultants, printers, manufacturers, photographers, business coaches and other professional services. I’ve recently made...

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Automate your apps

Special Saving 7 – #7: Automate your apps

Automate your apps… with Zapier Wouldn’t it be great to make all those apps and tools you’ve downloaded work together? Well, good news! There is. And it’s called Zapier. Zapier is a nifty little programme that lets you integrate all sorts of things imaginable. For example, let’s say every time you receive an email...

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Source & share relevant content to your audience

Special Saving 7 – #6: Seamlessly source & share content with your target audience

Seamlessly source & share content with your target audience… with Feedly An important part of engaging with your audience on social media is regularly sharing relevant and valuable content from other people’s sites and blogs. But, trawling through your feeds looking for hidden gems to share can be time-consuming. Enter stage right:...

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Create simple marketing videos

Special Saving 7 – #4: Create simple on-the-hop marketing videos

Create simple on-the-hop marketing videos… with Quik Quik is a pretty amazing tool that we’ve only recently just discovered but are having lots of fun with right now. It’s sort of like the video version of Wordswag, in that it’s just so flipping easy to use and makes you look like...

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Easy peasy social media scheduling

Special Saving 7 – #3: Easy-peasy social media scheduling

Easy-peasy social media scheduling… with Buffer It can be difficult to find the time to be active on social media regularly, even though we know it can be a very effective way of engaging with our audience. That’s why using a social media scheduler can be a useful addition to your marketing...

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Create shareable images in seconds

Special Saving 7 – #2: Create gorgeous shareable images in seconds – With Wordswag

Create gorgeous shareable images in seconds… with Wordswag If there was a prize for Most Addictive App, this would definitely win. It’s just so much fun! Wordswag lets you transform any text, quote or message into a deliciously attractive and uber-shareable piece of visual content in just minutes. Pre-populated with gorgeous template images...

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Never lose a great idea again

Special Saving 7 – #1: Never lose a great idea again – With Evernote

Never lose a great idea again… with Evernote The Evernote app is the bees-knees of note-taking. Never again will you lose a post-it note or forget which scrap of paper you scrawled down that game-changing business idea you had. Evernote is the one-stop-shop for all your notes, both business and personal. Just...

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