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virtual assistants and consultants at My Special PA

Asking for help

Asking for help Critical mass: an amount or level needed for a specific result or new action to occur So I hit a critical mass this summer. As a freelancer, you’re always juggling - but this was different. Too many plates spinning = total overwhelm. In our last blog post, I shared my story...

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making art

The art of procrastination and what I’ve been afraid of

The art of procrastination and what I've been afraid of At My Special PA our core brand message is... Supporting other creatives to succeed in doing what they love really is a passion for me and my team, but it will always be a lesser love than making and selling my own...

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6 top tips for working with a virtual assistant

Our Guide to Working With a Virtual Assistant

Our Guide to Working With a Virtual Assistant 1. Communication   We are always happy to suggest ways of working together, but the interaction between you and your Virtual Assistant (VA) should reflect how you work best. Verbal and written communication can both be helpful, depending on the nature of the interaction...

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Gallery owner and artist Lara Bowen in her studio

Gallery owner Lara Bowen on the business of art

Gallery owner Lara Bowen on the business of art Last week, I spent a really enjoyable morning interviewing artist and Four-Walls gallery owner, Lara Bowen in her Brighton home. Italian coffee and homemade banana muffins were served - 'honestly they're just thrown together' Lara protests through giggles. Home baking on a Monday morning - I'm...

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Private Dining - Baked Salt Style

4 ways MSPA helped ‘serve up’ private dining brand ‘Baked Salt’

A Client Case Study by Emma de Polnay I met chef Janie Fraser back in 2012 at a fantastic Wellness retreat weekend in North Devon. Pilates in a sun filled studio, nordic walking, nutritious cookery classes and homemade cake in the heavenly setting of a beautifully restored old mill. Janie and I...

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helping working mums - My Special PA

‘I don’t know how she does it’ – Working Mums

WORKING MUMS: - 2 x full-time jobs, 1 x mortal and how MSPA can help. I have just been reading about the new SJP film 'I don't know how she does it' - based on the novel by Allison Pearson, which is due for imminent release this month. Whilst the movie...

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