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The art of procrastination and what I’ve been afraid of

The art of procrastination and what I've been afraid of At My Special PA our core brand message is... Supporting other creatives to succeed in doing what they love really is a passion for me and my team, but it will always be a lesser love than making and selling my own...

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Gallery owner and artist Lara Bowen in her studio

Gallery owner Lara Bowen on the business of art

Gallery owner Lara Bowen on the business of art Last week, I spent a really enjoyable morning interviewing artist and Four-Walls gallery owner, Lara Bowen in her Brighton home. Italian coffee and homemade banana muffins were served - 'honestly they're just thrown together' Lara protests through giggles. Home baking on a Monday morning - I'm...

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Handmade name tags - quill and chinese ink

‘Lively Life’ with Bella Pieroni

Since I started working with Bella Pieroni in 2009, we have run 7 x 'Lively Life' drawing workshops at different venues. This March we ran our second workshop at the Rosvik Gallery Bella guides the workshops rather than teaching. This provides her with the opportunity to produce plenty of her own work for...

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Helen Pynor at The Wellcome Collection

Helen Pynor at The Wellcome Collection Fine artist Helen Pynor was one of our first clients at My Special PA Pynor trained initially as a biologist, before completing a BA in Visual Arts from the University of Sydney, and much of her work involves extensive archival research and close collaboration with a variety of scientists. Pynor's work...

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The Royal Academy – A BIGGER affordable London Members Club

Need a Members Club in London? - Consider joining the Royal Academy Last Wednesday 8th February, I took a well needed day off and went to see the  David Hockney  exhibition at the Royal Academy.We got there just before 10am in the peak of big freeze temperatures and stood in line...

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Our top 5 ‘To See’ Art Exhibitions in London – Spring 2012

David Hockney - A Bigger Picture - The Royal Academy, Piccadilly  21st Jan - 9th April 2012. The show is part of Cultural Olympiad Lucien Freud -  'Portraits' - National Portrait Gallery  9th Feb - 27th May 2012 The Mystery of Appearance: Conversations between 10 British Post-war Painters - Haunch of Venison...

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The Affordable Art Fair Autumn 2011 – Taking the Art Market Temperature

The Affordable Art Fair Autumn 2011 A post Art Fair email from AAF founder  Will Ramsay I found this appraisal of the AAF of great value to our work at MSPA and to all artists, so I wanted to share it - the letter has been edited by me for confidentiality. Dear Affordable...

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