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MSPA Client Spotlight: Martin Howe / Teq4

MSPA Client Spotlight: Martin Howe / Teq4 Martin Howe is a creative ‘techie’ with a working world that imaginative young boys that love 'building stuff', merely dream about. He has over 30 years’ experience in designing and building technology-centric attractions for theme parks, science centers, and museums. Formerly Chief Executive of Global...

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making art

The art of procrastination and what I’ve been afraid of

The art of procrastination and what I've been afraid of At My Special PA our core brand message is... Supporting other creatives to succeed in doing what they love really is a passion for me and my team, but it will always be a lesser love than making and selling my own...

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Gallery owner and artist Lara Bowen in her studio

Gallery owner Lara Bowen on the business of art

Gallery owner Lara Bowen on the business of art Last week, I spent a really enjoyable morning interviewing artist and Four-Walls gallery owner, Lara Bowen in her Brighton home. Italian coffee and homemade banana muffins were served - 'honestly they're just thrown together' Lara protests through giggles. Home baking on a Monday morning - I'm...

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Private Dining - Baked Salt Style

4 ways MSPA helped ‘serve up’ private dining brand ‘Baked Salt’

A Client Case Study by Emma de Polnay I met chef Janie Fraser back in 2012 at a fantastic Wellness retreat weekend in North Devon. Pilates in a sun filled studio, nordic walking, nutritious cookery classes and homemade cake in the heavenly setting of a beautifully restored old mill. Janie and I...

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My Special PA – 3 Years In Business and going strong

My Special PA - 3 Years In Business and going strong   Here's hoping you had a lovely Jubilee weekend. I couldn't resist the cupcake picture - No more Union Jacks though I promise. I trust you haven't found yourself too disorientated by landing right in the middle of your working week...

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Our Special Butterfly Cards

My Special PA's Butterfly Christmas Cards Esme and I had a meeting in November and decided that our Christmas and New Year greetings would be beautiful, personal and in a card format - rather than an emailer. We produce email newsletters and invites for our clients when requested but felt that...

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2 tips to bring faraway loved ones a little closer at Christmas

1 x Techie and 1 x Traditional tip to see all of your family on Christmas Day (if you want to, that is)

My sister Kirrily and her husband Jean-Marc are currently working and living in South Sudan. They are both involved in important medical / aid related charity projects as part of the ongoing socio-political development of this new republic.

They got married in August of this year and shortly afterwards relocated to Africa to start a new phase of their lives together. Both of their families are very proud of the work they are doing, but they are much missed and Christmas 2011 just won’t be the same without them.

In fact this Christmas the whole family is apart from one another, either in London, Brighton, France and Sth Sudan – it’s just the way it is this year.

I have however worked out 2 ways to bring everyone together…..

1) SKYPE – I love Skype, I use it all the time to connect with colleagues, clients but primarily to enjoy seeing and interacting with faraway loved ones. My Father and stepmother spend a majority of the year living in their house in France and have recently got very Skype-friendly. It’s my Dad’s latest love affair and I speak to him more often on Skype than I do when he’s in London. So, on Christmas day we will dial in as many people as possible, so we can have a group call and share a glass of bubbles, regardless of the timezone – I’ve found this helpful video so have shared it Skype Video call

2) PART OF THE FURNITURE – Before my sister left for Africa, she gave me an adorable Christmas decoration – a picture frame especially for my tree, asking me to add a picture of her and JM so they would be with us at Christmas. I know this will put a big smile on my mother’s face when she walks into my home on Christmas eve.

The Affordable Art Fair Autumn 2011 – Taking the Art Market Temperature

The Affordable Art Fair Autumn 2011 A post Art Fair email from AAF founder  Will Ramsay I found this appraisal of the AAF of great value to our work at MSPA and to all artists, so I wanted to share it - the letter has been edited by me for confidentiality. Dear Affordable...

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Bella Pieroni works with a virtual assistant at My Special PA

Bella Pieroni at Decorex 2011

Bella Pieroni at Decorex 2011 For MSPA Autumn can be a particularly busy time. London Fashion Week, London Design Festival and the Affordable Art fair. We have clients who need our support and assistance to book, plan and help deliver their stands, displays and exhibitions at these shows. Decorex 2011 has been...

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Virtual assistants and consultants - My Special PA

My Special PA – New Brand Design and Website

My Special PA - New Brand Design and Website Here we are - sorry it's taken so long. We just wanted to spend some time watching and learning from people we truly respect, before we started unleashing our thoughts, interests and opinions on the blogosphere....I hope we have learned well. I can...

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