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Pick Up The Phone (and make something happen)

The key theme that’s being going around my head in the last few months is – pick up the phone

As the platforms with which we can communicate via text and image only increase, forget F.O.M.O, we seem to be experiencing F.O.P.C (fear of phone calls)

Don’t we always find a quick 5-10 minute call can:

  • Heal a disagreement?
  • make someone’s day?
  • Confirm a confused appointment or meeting?

…and that’s just from a personal perspective. From a business angle it can be the game-changing difference between:

  • Getting to the top of a supplier list (because you did something different and followed up by phone)
  • A new opportunity or sale
  • A new client or job role

In our experience, decision makers inboxes are already full of noise…so we have to work smarter to connect with them.

Keep picking up the phone – it’s my belief, you’ll get what you want or at least the definitive answer you need far quicker.

From a business development perspective, we find some of our clients either don’t enjoy making calls to sell their products and/or services or don’t have time to make them.
Either way, if that’s the case for you – WE CAN HELP

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