selling vi - why cold calls still generate business and 6 ways to get better at them

Selling (vi) – why cold calls still generate business & 6 ways to get them right

Selling (vi) - why cold calls still generate business & 6 ways to get them right. This summer I went to Marrakesh (it’s not all work people ;) - it was the best trip I've been on for ages and truly surpassed all my expectations If you’ve been, you’ll know that there's...

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017  Tulsa, OK.

KDC Kravis Discovery Center test

Photos by Erik Campos

MSPA Client Spotlight: Martin Howe / Teq4

MSPA Client Spotlight: Martin Howe / Teq4 Martin Howe is a creative ‘techie’ with a working world that imaginative young boys that love 'building stuff', merely dream about. He has over 30 years’ experience in designing and building technology-centric attractions for theme parks, science centers, and museums. Formerly Chief Executive of Global...

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productivity from My Special PA

4 Great Project Management & Productivity Tools

4 Great Project Management & Productivity Tools Projects, project management (PM) and productivity have been key themes at MSPA over this last quarter. We are also delighted to be launching our new My Project service this month, to provide on-demand project assistance for our customers - when that's needed as an...

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project management from My Special PA

*New* ‘My Project’ – Creative Project Support On Demand

Project Assistance and Management - Just When You Need It   Is this for me? Do you sell or market your products and/or services at events (e.g. fairs, shows and exhibitions)? Do you find that when you carry the full-workload pre, during and post event or project, you feel totally burned out on completion? Do...

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My Special PA, creative agency, communications

MSPA Client Spotlight: Creative Agency – Jones & Bone

Creative Agency Jones & Bone find themselves under the MSPA client spotlight My Special PA is delighted to be working with London-based creative boutique - Jones & Bone. J&B specialise in branding, digital design and content creation and is founded and run by creative partnership Sarah Norford-Jones and Keith Nigel Bone. Turning...

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business development by phone at My Special PA

Pick Up The Phone (and make something happen)

The key theme that’s being going around my head in the last few months is - pick up the phone As the platforms with which we can communicate via text and image only increase, forget F.O.M.O, we seem to be experiencing F.O.P.C (fear of phone calls) Don't we always find a quick...

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project coordination at My Special PA

How To: Successful Creative Project Coordination

Key Skills: Nicola Pedlingham - Creative Project Coordination Specialist At MSPA, the most vital requirement of any team member is a core understanding of creative temperaments. Whilst we have always rejected the stereotyping of creatives as 'scatty and disorganised' - (it's actually a myth) creatives can definitely have a propensity to the ‘unpredictable'   We...

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social media managers at my special pa

What does a Social Media Manager do all day?

What does a Social Media Manager do all day? ‘A job like mine’ – Social Media Manager - by Jay Curtis Well, managing social media accounts and platforms for businesses is the short answer, but it’s not just about posting status updates and shouting bursts of company content into the ether. The...

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creative businesses always need a pit crew

Creative Business: building your ‘pit-crew’

Creative Business: building your 'pit-crew' Creative professionals and companies will always need a 'go-to pit crew'. At MSPA, we’ve made it our business to build a network of trusted associates we can confidently recommend to our clients and prospective clients. I’m talking about brand designers, web developers, SEO consultants, printers, manufacturers, photographers, business coaches and other professional services. I’ve recently made...

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Automate your apps

Special Saving 7 – #7: Automate your apps

Automate your apps… with Zapier Wouldn’t it be great to make all those apps and tools you’ve downloaded work together? Well, good news! There is. And it’s called Zapier. Zapier is a nifty little programme that lets you integrate all sorts of things imaginable. For example, let’s say every time you receive an email...

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