Why Choose our Virtual Assistants and Business Consultants?

My Special PA | Virtual Assistant Services | London & East SussexMy Special PA
(MSPA) is a team of virtual assistants and business consultants offering a business service designed for creative professionals, who need administrative assistance and business support without the full-time financial outlay.

MSPA was founded in 2009 by Emma de Polnay, formerly a set designer and art director for the Film and TV industry.

Emma has predominantly worked as a freelance creative professional herself. She also comes from a family of artists, performers and writers going back generations. During her former career in film, Emma learned a huge amount about effective organisation, planning and project management, under a lot of pressure and very little sleep!

Because of her background, Emma has a profound empathy with the challenges faced by MSPA’s clients. She understands that success in creative business, demands a synergy between the left brain (logic and detail) and the right brain (feelings and imagination). A balance that requires epic self-discipline, drive and way more hours in the day than most of us have to offer.

MSPA offers an affordable solution to this; bolt-on virtual business support rather than a full-time hire, tailored to individual budgets and delivered by experienced, like-minded and grown- up professionals. 

USP: liberating clients from the often-overwhelming commercial and administrative demands of their daily business, allowing them to focus on the creative core of their work.

To meet increasing demand, in 2011 Emma started to expand the MSPA team, which today is made up of a diverse selection of experienced creative virtual assistants and business consultants across Brighton, London and South East England.

What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Help from Virtual Assistants at My Special PA• The help you need without the full-time financial outlay

Your Special PA will understand some of the key challenges of your work and if required will be able to offer realistic, practical solutions, rather than just waiting to be told what to do.

We have proven success and experience in generating new enquiries / business / sales.

Time and money saving: Firstly, we would expect our hourly rate to be significantly lower than yours. If you’re spending time doing your own admin and business development when you could be focused on your creative work, we guarantee we can save you and your business money.

Having an experienced virtual assistant handling your client contact will help to enhance your business profile.

We can build a strong, sustainable working relationship, allowing you to take time off work confident in the knowledge that your business affairs are being dealt with in your absence.

No employee overheads and if you’re using our Virtual Assistants – No additional office overheads either.